I spent my last christmas with my family in Siargao, one the 7 107 islands forming the Philippine archipelago.

It’s quite a travel to reach Siargao: First, you need to pass by Manila. Second, by Cebu. Third, by Surigao and then take a ferry to Siargao. We choose this way but you can also take a domestic flight directly from Cebu to Siargao but be careful because if the weather is bad they often cancel the flights.

We – or rather my dad and brothers – choose Siargao for its famous “9 Cloud Break“. Siargao is the surfing spot in Philippines but not only. We first stayed in Jafe Surf and Sail Resort (in the north-east of the island), a very quiet and peaceful place, with nice owners. But not much to do around, especially when it’s raining. So after few days, we leaved the north for General Luna (south of the island). I’ve got 2 recommendations for where to stay and eat in GL : Ocean 101 Cloud 9 Beach Resort and Emerald House Resort. Both have a nice atmosphere and delicious food is served there (Emerald’s chef is french and very good). Ocean 101 has a nice view on the ocean and a super friendly staff.

General Luna is the place to stay for surfers, there you can booked small boats for taking you to the surfing spots (Rock Island, Stimpy’s, etc).

But Siargao isn’t only about surfing, it has beautiful white-sand beaches, natural pool (Magpupungko Pool located in Pilar), and also small island to visit around (Naked Island, Daku Island, Guam…). Daku or Dako Island was probably the most beautiful island i’ve ever seen : its crystal clear turquoise water is amazing. We booked a small nipa hut and had lunch over there. In General Luna you can also book snorkeling trips.

Travel Tips for Siargao :

  • Rent scooters or bikes and drive all around the island
  • Book small boat to go surf or visit other islands
  • Go to Aventino’s Pizza for their tasty chocolate cake
  • Try Emerald’s red tuna filet breaded in sesame seeds
  • If you’re in the north you can stop at the Bollox Bar to have a burger (not the best i’ve tried but still good)



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