After several months of hesitation about which country I should visit during my winter-break, I finally choose Thailand and I spent 15 super-mega-amazing days!

Click to read about my trip.

From Taipei, Bangkok is around 3 hours and a half. We (my roommate and I) arrived there on a Saturday evening. After landing, we took a shuttle bus at the airport to get to Bangkok Mo Chit Bus Terminal where we took the last bus (around 10:30pm) for Sukhothai. Because we were supposed to arrived at our destination by 6am we decided not to book any hostel and to sleep in the bus. This is why, when a girl came to us at 3:30 to tell us that we were in Sukhothai I didn’t understand how it was possible. And I still don’t…

So this is how our trip began: arriving in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. The bus stop was 2km away from New Sukhothai and hopefully for us, tuk-tuk drivers were waiting for bus passengers. We showed them our hostel address and we arrived in front of it just before 4am. As we expected, everything was closed. We waited for 4 hours, seating on a small bench and trying to find a way to sleep a bit, until the owner finally woke up. We couldn’t check-in but at least we could have left our bags there and go visiting the Sukhothai Historical Park. We were told that this park was like a small copy of Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and now that i’ve been there too I also think it is. The main difference, except the size, is that in Sukhothai all the monuments and buddhas are in a very good condition. The park was quite crowned but we discover later that it was the King’s Birthday and to honor him, they organized a celebration. We found ourselves very lucky to get the opportunity to see how they celebrate it (food stands, dance shows, elephants, etc).

Next morning we left Sukhothai for Chiang Mai. It took around 8 hours to get there by bus.  For our first afternoon we dicided to walk around the old town which is at 500 meters from the hostel. There’re temples and monuments everywhere, dont forget to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and go under your knees. For dinner we went to the Night Bazaar which is also 500m away from the guesthouse but in the opposite direction. We totally fell in love with this place, touristic yes, but still very nice. Lots of different food stands and there’s a small stage where every nights a group or a solo singer perform.

Sukhothai :

  • Where to sleep : Ban Thai Guesthouse (very cheap but simple)
  • What to do/see: Historical Park

Chiang Mai :

  • Where to sleep : Soisabai Guesthouse
  • What to do/see: Night Bazaar, walking around the Old town to see all the temples/monuments, go to Chiang Rai to see the White Temple, go to the Golden Triangle, Ride elephant, visit a long neck village, get a massage
  • Where to eat : Kanjana (pad thai and pumpkin curry), Angel’s Secret (breakfast), The Good Kitchen (pad thai)




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